Friday, 26 January 2007

Handy link addition

Resistors, I knew all about them 15 years ago. Shout a stream of colours at me and I'd be shouting it's rating back at you before you'd had time to check your book yourself. Nowadays my brain is too full, too tired, or (more likely) too lazy. I'm also too lazy to pin something on my wall as a quick reference. Well, actually I'm not - I'm just too lazy to actually get around to making one, printing it off and THEN pinning it to the wall.

Thankfully a nice, colourful, reasonably pretty printable calculator just went up at the make blog. The maker has a pretty sweet fluffy blood cell on his blog aswell. Trust me - it's cute.

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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Arkatena Bread

Another recipe based on Bread Matters, Arkatena bread is a taste sensation. Dense, but with a 'holey' texture as you can see below, the perfect soup bread.



Not one of my own, but this has sparked a couple of ideas for me so I thought I'd share the link. MAKE blog has a link to a computer chip trivet. Just the thing for me to rest my red hot baking trays on after a hard saturday morning bakeathon.

Saturday, 13 January 2007

LED space shiip

The tiniest of tiny builds - a simple LED + battery spaceship. Excellent for pretending tiny aliens are circling your head in a spaceship with one huge headlamp.

led space ship2.jpg

led2.jpg led ship 2.jpg
LEDs were pennies each from a Hong Kong ebay seller, batteries were the same but from China. Much cooler stamps on the package from China btw.

Baking - baps

Bread machines rule, but the bread has a habit of all tasting much the same. New year, new inspiration to eat healthily led me to buy 'Bread Matters' by Andrew Whitley.

Cracking book with a LOT of scary stuff about shop bought white bread. The following documents my attempt at Scottish Morning Rolls, which turned out tasty.

Very tasty.

The dough

The risen dough

The finished baps

The close up

Great recipe, easy to follow, tasty baps. More info on Andrew Whitley at The courses look fun.

The mini magnet photo board

This is barely a project - but fun nonetheless. Combine two cool things (well 3 if you include the fridge - although without an ice maker I doubt the fridge would pass the cool test) and 20 minutes and you have a cooler fridge.

flickr moo.jpg



The mini photo cards are from moo - linked from your Flickr account. They were hanging about the dining room looking for a purpose - and here one is. Hurrah.

A small stack of the magnets - like the one shown above, will hold up more than just a photo. I use them to hold onto opened bags of kettle chips to keep em fresh and sealed.

Magnets rule

The magnets have arrived!
3mm doesn't sound big, but these things are TINY. Excellent fun, but tiny. I spent roughly an hour trying to build a cube out of them - total waste of time. If I ever succeed I'll post pics. In the mean time - a magnetic snake...