Saturday, 10 February 2007

Who needs a leaven: Pasta drying fun

Bread is still king, but sometimes you need your flour to take a more sauce friendly form. Thumbing through Giorgio Locatelli (here) the pasta looked so good I had to make some. But how to dry it. A nice cantilevered arrangement of heat rack, wooden spoons and refridgerator worked pretty well.

The basic kit (+ a half dozen eggs). The pasta machine IS essential btw, without it the stuff is just WAY too chunky.

The sliced up pasta, I got so into the process I totally forgot to take pics ahead of this point.

The general idea can be seen here. Wooden spoons used to pick the pasta up from the slicer attachment, then jammed into the bar above the fridge. Leave overnight.

Look how curly the pasta got. A quick tip if you try this though - put a bowl under your rack, or at least make sure you have a cleared worktop, as a fair amount of the pasta snaps and falls as it dries.

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